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Let's Turn This Around...WHY NO Sympathy for the Waco, TX Bikers From Our Reflexively Anti-Cop Media???

waco 13
Bikes Outside Twin Peaks Restaurant in Waco, TX

One of the things I found quizzical (yeah, that might be the best word) was the complete lack of sympathy by the reliably anti-police media following the death of nine bikers at a biker brawl in Waco Texas.

And I'm not just talking about consistent goofballs like Sally Kohn and Melissa Harris-Perry, but ALL of the major media.

Right away, the police were seen as "right," by that same usually anti-cop media, and the criminals (in this case bikers) "wrong," apparently ONLY because the bikers were (mostly) white!

Now, it turns out that the original reports on the incident may have been error. (…/breaking-cctv-video-…/)

Waco police initially stated that all the gunshots came from within the Twin Peaks restaurant, which would suggest that all the shots came from the bikers.

Video evidence now proves that to be inaccurate, in fact, highly inaccurate. The available CC video suggests that Sunday’s deadly gunfight began outside the Twin Peaks restaurant, except for one round fired by a biker on the patio who then ran inside.

Accoring to the routinely reliable LAST REFUGE outlet, "On the patio, bikers ducked under tables and tried to get inside. At least three people were holding handguns. One biker was seen running with blood on his face, hands and torso.

"Before the shooting, the inside of the restaurant appears to be mostly empty. Bikers and other patrons can be seen walking to the windows facing the parking lot where most of the shooting happened.

"When gunfire begins at 12:24 p.m., most bikers, other patrons and staff immediately run away from the windows and into the restaurant’s interior...

"...Among those arrested was Theron Rhoten, who had just pulled into the parking lot on his vintage Harley chopper when the bullets started flying.

Rhoten showed up at the Twin Peaks restaurant for a regional motorcycle club meeting. But, according to his wife, he soon found himself in the middle of a deadly shootout involving scores of other bikers.

Katie Rhoten said her husband ran for cover and was later arrested, along with motorcycle-riding friends and other “nonviolent, noncriminal people.”

“He’s good to his family,” she said. “He doesn’t drink. He doesn’t do drugs. He doesn’t party. He’s just got a passion for motorcycles.”

The police reported that all those arrested were part of criminal motorcycle gangs, but ONLY TWO of the NINE PEOPLE KILLED HAD CRIMINAL HISTORIES.

Records for one of those with criminal records show that Wayne Lee Campbell was arrested for driving while intoxicated in 2002 in Rowlett in Dallas County and sentenced to probation. In 2007, Campbell had also been charged with assault in Tarrant County and served 45 days in jail. The other member with a criminal history was Manuel Isaac Rodriguez, who was arrested in 2010 and served probation for unlawfully carrying a weapon at a bar in Lewisville. Not exactly the extensive criminal records you'd expect from hardcore gangbangers.

Recently Waco police have acknowledged firing on armed bikers, but it is not clear how many of the dead were shot by gang members and how many were shot by officers.

Police radio traffic of the event was recently released (…/listen-to-police-rad…/).

Interestingly enough, the number of armed law enforcement officers on scene – PRIOR to the event has now increased to MORE than 22 including: 10 Members of SWAT, 1 Asst Police Chief, 2 Sargent’s and 1 rookie officer, from Waco PD; the rest from Waco County and Texas DPS.
It's also now been reported, but not yet confirmed, that ALL of the deceased WERE KILLED BY POLICE. Autopsy records show that all nine died of gunshot wounds, no stabbing wounds or “other”:

Jesus Delgado Rodriguez, 65, died of gunshot wounds of the head and trunk.

Jacob Lee Rhyne, 39, died of gunshot wounds to the neck.

Richard Vincent Kirshner, Jr., 47, died of gunshot wounds but the report did not specify where he was shot.

Richard Matthew Jordan, III, 31, died of gunshot wounds to the head.

Wayne Lee Campbell, 43, died of gunshot wounds to the head and trunk.

Daniel Raymond Boyett, 44, died of gunshot wounds to the head.

Matthew Mark Smith, 27, died of gunshot wounds to the trunk.

Manuel Issac Rodriguez, 40, died of gunshot wounds but the report did not specify where he was shot.

And Charles Wayne Russell, 46, died of gunshot wounds to the chest.

The point isn't merely about possible police overreaction here, as I tend to believe that police react differently (and for very good reason) when confronted by potentially dangerous situations. Bikers present a very real threat, or "dangerous situation," just as do black males who've committed 50% of all the murders nationwide in the USA since 1976 (SEE:…/factcheck-black-americans…/19439)....Sooooo, while police actions here probably SHOULD BE more closely scrutinized, the REAL issue here is how those in the national media (especially CNN & MSNBC) sought to push back against the narrative that many of the recently highlighted police killings were the fault of aggressive felons, like Mike Brown (who assaulted a cop and tried to take away his gun), Eric Garner (killed while actively resisting arrest) and others, by falsely insinuating that the issue is a racial one. Remember James Boyd ( and Robert Earl Lawrence (…/death-for-kindness-m…/), despite the FACT that blacks commit far more violent crimes, more whites are killed by police each year.

In short, out of a narcissistic, defensiveness the national media engaged in some blatant racism...obvious and undeniable "disparate treatment," treating white suspects differently than it treated black suspects.

They've asked, "WHY haven't these bikers been called thugs" (they were)...and apparently wrongly, since only 2 of the 9 killed had relatively minor criminal records.

The media treated this incident EXACTLY the opposite from the way they treated the Michael Brown and Eric Garner killings.
And THAT is a major story...and a major disgrace.

Like I said....quizzical.

Intolerance is ALL the SAME

Image result for Scott Stringer and Leslie Diaz
Scott Stringer (L) and Ruben and Leslie Diaz (inset)

It's interesting (actually odd, is a better word) that so amany people who relied upon 'tolerance," of new ideas, show little tolerance themselves.

As an example, the nation and increasingly, the world has become more accepting of homosexuality, with a slew of court cases advancing gay marriage, and other pro-gay causes.

However, in recent years, many of the purveyors of "tiolerance" have become increasingly intolerant themselves. THAT has got to change.

An example of that was highlighted a few days ago when it was reported that NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer's office had abruptly fired Leslie Diaz (wife of State Senator Ruben Diaz...the nepotism and cronyism evidenced there is sadly par for the course in many government positions) after having interviewed and hired her for a job in that office. She claims she was interviewed three times, offered a position, then resigned from her current job to accept that new position, before being let go two days before she was scheduled to report for work. (…/20150…/283046938061693/TextView)

Turns out that Ruben Diaz is also a Pentecostal Minister and, as such, condemns homosexuality as "sinful," and opposes same-sex marriage.

Scott Stringer apparently saw a video of Ms. Diaz alongside her husband at "a peaceful opposition to same-sex marriage." In the wake of that video, he rescinded the job offer to Leslie Diaz.

Interestingly enough, that is the SAME intolerance that would have an employer firing an employee for merely exprerssing pro-gay, or pro-samesex marriage views. BOTH are wrong.

Ironically enough our very 1st Amendment enshrines religious freedom, which protects religions from government action for things like preachingthat homosexuality is "sinful and wrong."

I am not at all religious, BUT I understand that tolerance is a TWO-WAY street. Religious freedoms MUST be respected AND they can coexist with personal freedoms, such as the freedom to express views that run counter those taught by various religions.

Tolerance IS a virtue. It's time we ALL start living up to it, by looking at ourselves first and our own intolerances.

IRONY...Not Only Are Police NOT “Killing Too Many Suspects,” They SEEM to be KILLING Far Too FEW Miscreants

Image result for Nakwon Foxworth
Nakwon Foxworth

Lost in the current and ongoing anti-police fog are numerous cases like that of 36 y/o Nakwon Foxworth, who shot 4 NYPD Officers in an armed standoff. The NY Post reported, “An unrepentant thug convicted of nearly killing four NYPD cops smugly grinned as he was sentenced Thursday to 110 years to life behind bars for the wild shootout.

“Nakwon Foxworth also sneered at three Emergency Services Unit detectives he fired upon on Easter Sunday 2012, who sat among two dozen other cops in the Brooklyn Supreme courtroom for the sentencing.

“But he showed no remorse.

“I just want to apologize to my family for the pain and stress they’re going through,” the career criminal mumbled.
Then, in a boast full of hot air, he said: “I’ll be back.”

WHY was he even taken in alive?

So long as animalistic savages like this are alive, they pose a very real danger to the community (escape is always a possibility), including to the Corrections Officers who have to deal with them every day.

There’s also this obviously racially motivated (I know, the media and local authorities will do everything to deny that inconvenient fact) attack from outside Cleveland, Ohio.

Again, it brings into question the wisdom of bringing such creatures to “justice.”

Prison is NOT “justice” for such crimes.

For hardcore violent felons, IF we aren’t going to simply eradicate them, then debilitating them, for instance lobotomizing them into a veritable vegetative state where they would be rendered incapable of doing any further harm, MIGHT well be an alternative for the squeamish.

Then we have the recent case of Daron Wint, the quadruple murderer, charged with first-degree murder while armed in connection to the deaths of 46-year-old Savvas Savopoulos, his wife, 47-year-old Amy Savopoulos, their 10-year-old son Philip, and their 57-year-old housekeeper, Veralicia Figueroa. Their bodies were found after a fire last Thursday (

AGAIN, in every one of these cases, we see the DYSGENICS of violent crime, dim-witted, poorly educated cretins with few to no marketable skills do irreparable harm to society by depriving it of valuable, productive (in the case of Savvas Savopoulos, HIGHLY productive) people, leaving us with irredeemable, sociopathic, predators absent any ability to develop anything close to the skills they deprived society of.

We STILL don’t take violent crime seriously enough.

The VERY Troubling Texts of “Mattrees Girl” (Emma Sulkowicz)

Image result for Emma Sulkowicz
Emma Sulkowicz

OK, I’m assuming that everyone is pretty much aware that Columbia University coed, Emma Sulkowicz’ rape charge appears (by all accounts) to be a hoax.

It was fully investigated by Columbia and no evidence of rape was found. The NYPD also looked into the matter and found nothing of substance either.

Even more damaging were texts from Ms. Sulkowicz to her alleged “rapist” (Paul Nungesser, who is himself suing Columbia over their “creating a hostile learning environment for him”), AFTER the alleged “rape.”

Here is sampling of some of Ms. Sulkowicz’ texts;

“i’ve officially had sex with all of John Doe’ best friends,” did lotsa drugs – jk just got very drunk – well anyways – now i have an std i actually hate John Doe like if a girl is about to puke – don’t put your unprotected dick into her...I realy don’t want to be known as the girl who contracted an std because she was drunk you know? it is more his fault for fucking me unconscious – i mean i was conscious but clearly not in my right mind...i was literally i puked all over the place.”

So there you have a nice sampling of Ms. Sulkowicz thought-process (such as it is) and her extreme difficulty in putting her thoughts together, along with her charming semi-literacy.

In court papers, Mr. Nungesser also provided a text from Ms. Sulkowicz that showed that it was Ms. Sulkowicz herself who first broached the possibility of anal sex with Nungesser, even though claims of forced anal sex were central to her claim of rape. One such text simply read, “fuck me in the but.”

Ah, a true romantic.

OK, so there’s a smattering of the texts from Ms. Sulkowicz.

Now I’ve seen dozens of articles that cast doubt on Ms. Sulkowicz claims and many that call the incident “another rape hoax,” but I want to broach another topic, to wit, Ms. Sulkowicz being completely unfit to attend Columbia University, or perhaps ANY College, due to her stunning, semi-literate ignorance.

Surely an “Ivy Leaguer” (at least someone who earned entry into such an institution) should have a better command of such basics as spelling, grammar and punctuation and putting one's thoughts together...and DON’T dare argue that “these were just text messages, hurriedly scribbled onto a phone,” because we are not only talking about how poorly constructed the messages were, but that they appear to be evidence of a very disorganized and, yes, dull-witted short, I believe they make a pretty ironclad case for the abject stupidity of Ms. Sulkowicz!

Now, the question must be asked, “Just HOW did Emma Sulkowicz find her way into this prestigious institution?”

Yes, I believe that’s a very good question and the most apparent answer would SEEM to be that she arrived there on some sort of preference (either alumni, donor, ethnic, gender-based, geographical, religious...take your pick), but it’s a fact that women have been a major, actually the THE primary beneficiaries of the preferences of “affirmative action.”

Now, I will also speculate with a virtual certainty that Ms. Sulkowicz is not the ONLY and probably far from the least qualified individual to enter Columbia under such conditions, which SHOULD send chills down your back.

But this is the end result of decades of a system that’s transformed higher education into a sort of “Wizard of Oz” styled paradigm under which the official stamp of “intellect” has been bestowed upon generations of “scarecrows”...a/k/a dolts. It’s very much as though many of the seats in our most elite Universities have been reserved for dimwits of one stripe or another, which kind of handily fits the explanation as to why our government, major corporations, etc. are in the sorry state of affairs they’re in today.

The upshot of all this may well be that not only did Ms. Sulkowicz not get raped, she and others like her have (probably unwittingly, the way she’s seemed to do most things) participated in the figurative “raping of America.”

The purveyors and supporters of “affirmative action’s preference system and segregated standards are the actual “rapISTS.”

Yes, once there was a time in America when dimwits knew their place...or were put in it.

Now they're put into elite Universities.

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Who Are the Racists: Conservatives or Liberals?

THIS is another video presentation from Project 21 that pretty much speaks for itself;

These Three Articles Speak for Themselves....Article 1

Image result for Samuel V. Jones
Samuel V. Jones

At least I think they do...

I've never been in law enforcement. I spent the past three decades in the FDNY.

I think policing is one of the hardest jobs there is.

I also have concerns that just as pedophiles are drawn to jobs "where the children are," bullies are often drawn to jobs with authority, like police work.

In this first article, Samuel V. Jones, a former military police captain and currently a professor of law focusing on criminal law at The John Marshall Law School, makes a pretty inflammatory charge about avowed white supremacists in law enforcement, using the FBI’s own 2006 warning to that effect and a number of high profile cases that tend to back up the possibility that there certainly ARE some members of law enforcement who may be involved in such groups.

FBI’s Warning of White Supremacists Infiltrating Law Enforcement Nearly Forgotten

by Samuel V. Jones
May 12th, 2015

Because of intensifying civil strife over the recent killings of unarmed black men and boys, many Americans are wondering, “What’s wrong with our police?” Remarkably, one of the most compelling but unexplored explanations may rest with a FBI warning of October 2006, which reported that “White Supremacist infiltration of law enforcement” represented a significant national threat.

Several key events preceded the report. A federal court found that members of a Los Angeles Sheriff’s department formed a Neo Nazi gang and habitually terrorized the black community. Later, the Chicago police department fired Jon Burge, a detective with reputed ties to the Ku Klux Klan, after discovering he tortured over 100 black male suspects. Thereafter, the Mayor of Cleveland discovered that many of the city police locker rooms were infested with “White Power” graffiti. Years later, a Texas sheriff department discovered that two of its deputies were recruiters for the Klan.

In near prophetic fashion, after the FBI’s warning, white supremacy extremism in the U.S. increased, exponentially. From 2008 to 2014, the number of white supremacist groups, reportedly, grew from 149 to nearly a thousand, with no apparent abatement in their infiltration of law enforcement.

This year, alone, at least seven San Francisco law enforcement officers were suspended after an investigation revealed they exchanged numerous “White Power” communications laden with remarks about “lynching African-Americans and burning crosses.” Three reputed Klan members that served as correction officers were arrested for conspiring to murder a black inmate. At least four Fort Lauderdale police officers were fired after an investigation found that the officers fantasized about killing black suspects.

The United States doesn’t publicly track white supremacists, so the full range of their objectives remains murky. Although black and Jewish-Americans are believed to be the foremost targets of white supremacists, recent attacks in Nevada, Wisconsin, Arizona, Kansas and North Carolina, demonstrate that other non-whites, and religious and social minorities, are also vulnerable. Perhaps more alarmingly, in the last several years alone, white supremacists have reportedly murdered law enforcement officers in Arkansas, Nevada and Wisconsin.

In fact, the FBI reports that of the 511 law enforcement officers killed during felony incidents from 2004 to 2013, white citizens killed the majority of them. Of the citizens stopped by law enforcement officers in New York City and Chicago, white citizens were more likely to be found with guns and drugs. Given the white supremacist penchant for violence, guns and drug trafficking, the findings may be an indication that their network is just as destructive and far-reaching as that of foreign terrorist groups.

The unfortunate consequence of today’s threat is that a law enforcement officer may be good or bad, a villain or hero; one exceptionally prone to exhibit malicious forms of racial hatred, or distinctively suited to protect the racially oppressed. But the paradox doesn’t end there.

The white supremacist threat brings to light a dark feature of the American experience that some believed extinct. It rouses ingrained notions of distrusts between police and communities of color while bringing to bear the vital interest citizens of good will share in the complete abolishment of race as a judgmental factor.

As the nation struggles to resolve the perplexities of police brutality, the white supremacist threat should inform all Americans that today’s civil discord is not borne out of a robust animosity towards law enforcement, most of whom are professional. Rather, it’s more representative of a centuries-old ideological clash, which has ignited in citizens of good will a desire to affirm notions of racial equality so that the moral ethos of American culture is a reality for all.

Samuel V. Joneis a former military police captain and currently a professor of law focusing on criminal law at The John Marshall Law School.

These Three Articles Speak for Themselves....Article 2

Image result for Freddy Grey
Freddy Grey

In the 2nd article, Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor of history and education at New York University, goes over the checkered history of race and policing in America.

This article appeared in today’s (Friday, May 15th, 2015) Daily News.

The Other Racial Divide in Policing: Throughout History, Departments Have Discriminated Against African-American Cops

By Jonathan Zimmerman
Friday, May 15th, 2015

Image result for Caesar Goodson
Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson, charged with murder

In 1898, African-Americans in Baltimore demanded that the city’s all-white police force hire black officers. The police commissioner issued a curt reply: no. Employing “colored policemen” would result in the “humiliation of Anglo-Saxon blood,” he warned, especially if a black officer were to arrest a white citizen. Baltimore didn’t hire its first black policeman until 1938.

I’ve been thinking about this history during the recent crisis in Baltimore, where six police officers have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Three of them are black, leading some observers to contend that the killing of Gray — who was also African-American — was “not about race.”

But when it comes to urban policing, everything is about race. And nobody understands that better than African-American police officers, who have faced brutal discrimination across our past. As we seek justice for Freddie Gray, then, we also need to ensure just treatment of the accused black officers.

Before the Civil War, whites-only police forces helped maintain slavery by arresting black runaways. During Reconstruction, a few Southern cities started to hire black police, triggering white outrage.

In New Orleans, critics worried that an “Africanized” police force would not defend laws that segregated blacks on streetcars. In Vicksburg, Miss., seven recently hired black officers were forced to resign after whites protested. “Law enforcement means domination,” one politician explained, “and the white man is not used to being dominated by Negroes.”

In the urban North, where party patronage machines thrived, some political bosses hired black police to lock in the African-American vote. But that drew the ire of white policemen in places like Detroit, where the entire force threatened to go on strike if blacks were employed.

So Detroit established a numerical ceiling for African-American police officers, who could never exceed 3% of the force. Other cities kept blacks out of policing via specious medical examinations, which could be challenged only by an outside doctor — if the candidate could afford one.

African-Americans stepped up their efforts to desegregate police forces after World War II. Protesting in front of Atlanta’s City Hall in 1946, 300 black veterans noted that they had served their country in the fight against Nazi Germany, but they could not serve their city as police officers.

Southern cities relented during the civil rights struggles of the 1950s and early 1960s, hiring small numbers of black officers. But black police were restricted to African-American communities and prohibited from arresting whites, or even from issuing speeding tickets to white motorists.

Such invidious rules fell away in the 1970s and 1980s, when urban police forces began actively recruiting minorities. But blacks remain underrepresented among police, especially in smaller cities. In Ferguson, Mo., the majority-black city where the police shooting of Michael Brown sparked riots last year, only 5.6% of police were African-American.

And even in cities that made more progress in hiring black police officers, they continued to suffer discrimination. In Baltimore, where roughly half of the police force is black, African-American officers joined a lawsuit claiming they were disciplined more harshly than their white peers were. The city settled the suit in 2009, paying $2.5 million to more than a dozen officers.

Given this history, it’s fair to ask what role race has played in the post-Freddie Gray prosecutions. Of the six defendants, only one — the African-American driver of the van that carried Gray — has been charged with murder by the state’s attorney (who is herself black). The other officers face less serious charges, including manslaughter and assault.

Unjustified killings by cops should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. But the law has long been tilted against black police officers. We can’t erase that ugly history. And if we rush to judgment, we could end up repeating it.

Zimmerman is a professor of history and education at New York University.
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