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Race Obsession in Our Corporatist National Media

Mona Nelson brutally murdered 12 y/o Jonathan Foster

People get emotional in the face of crimes such as this ( That's why they are used for propaganda purposes by all sides. Oddly enough, our own national media has engaged in precisely the reverse form of propaganda, downplaying, even ignoring these crimes (has anyone here heard of Jonathan Foster, or Mona Nelson before), while focusing on the very rare white-on-black variety. Therefore the horrific James Byrd killing WAS national news, while the Knoxville torture-murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom WERE NOT.

America's national media is entirely corporately controlled, just as are the 2 major political Parties. So, if you want to see the Corporatist agenda very clearly, just pay close attention to what the Corporatist media focuses on; (A) It is pro-ILLEGAL immigration/open-borders for (1) cheap labor and (2) to ultimately change the demographics and the culture of this country, (B) Pro-quota (race/gender preferences) and yes, sadly (C) Decidedly anti-white, ergo the focus on very rare, often fictionalized white-on-black violence to hype the fiction that America's racial issues are primarily due to white bigotry against blacks, when inter-racial crime stats, etc. prove it to be exactly the reverse.

The ONLY ways this can possibly be remedied would be by (1) Wresting the existing media from the Corporate cartels...a difficult, if not impossible task, given their reluctance to part with those assets OR (2) By gradually replacing that existing media with new arduous, long term proposition.

Of course, such a new media would have to be honest, objective and transparent and NOT seek to sensationalize black-on-white crime the way our current media sensationalizes and propagandizes fictitious "white-on-black" violence (like the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson, MO.) in which a police officer merely defended himself against an attacking thug.

WHY would “American” Corporations want to undermine America’s traditional culture and so fundamentally alter its demographics?

Well, for one thing they are NOT “American” Corporations. They’ve long correctly referred to themselves as “multi-National Corporations. They seek to serve the interests of a global consumer base and to do that, they perceive that they must bring American prosperity down a bit, so as to raise the rest of the world, especially the developing world, up.

Beyond that, they’ve consistently seen America’s predominantly white, European population as “too demanding,” too well educated and too unwilling to follow their dictates without question.

THAT says a LOT about how little they think of developing nations and their inhabitants. When Benedict Arnold turned on his own American rebels, the British never fully accepted him as anything other than a traitor, who so easily sold out his own, as to be completely untrustworthy to them. They used him for his information, but despite serving the British Army in lower capacities after the American Revolution, his funeral was without military honors. That is probably a cautionary note to those with whom these “American Corporatists” temporarily side with now. Best to keep them “at arm’s length”, as you would any other traitor.

This is the terrible tragedy of American Corporatism, these once “petty mercantilists” have come to establish themselves as a new aristocracy and fashioned a new “intellectual elite.” The most pathetic tragedy in that is that when such people usually get an idea...they usually get it all wrong.

Whole Foods' John Mackey: Why Intellectuals Hate Capitalism


John Mackey explains why "elitist" intellectuals have always looked down on "Capitalism" (free and open markets) - because it empowers the poor and politically unaffiliated over aristocratic "intellectuals."

It's an excellent discussion.

CHANGE Has Very REAL Consequences...Many of Them Unexpected, BUT That’s NOT Necessarily a Bad Thing!

Image result for Shaye Haver and Kristen Griest
Shaye Haver and Kristin Griest - 1st female Ranger School Grads

Times change. There’s absolutely no denying that, and along with them, society and culture changes right along with the times. Of course, sometimes one or the other drags a little behind.

In recent years there’s been a push for “gender equality.” Not just equal pay for the same jobs, but the idea that females can do jobs like street policing, mining, firefighting, commercial fishing and military combat every bit as effectively as males.

With the emergence of sports icons like Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams, both of whom could almost certainly beat many professional males in their respective sports, who’s to argue other than that viewpoint may well have some merit.

Here’s the rub, that viewpoint demands that we disregard any of our old notions about male/female gender differences. Once past that, standards are NOT an issue. A fit PERSON can do at least X number of pull ups, push ups, run a given distance under a specified time, etc.

I personally don’t know anything about Ranger standards. I know that the minimum of 10 pull ups that I’ve heard is absolutely minimal. When I was a young firefighter working in the Bronx, myself and about six other firefighters routinely did “chins and pulls” off the aerial ladder in quarters. Steve Telesca, then a Lieutenant, who retired a Battalion Chief, was always the top guy in such contests, routinely doing 25 to 30 at a time. Myself and a few others routinely did over 20, so I KNOW that 10 pull ups is indeed an absolute minimum number, as it’s a number that wouldn’t have even registered among those firefighters back then.

Is there a reason to believe that pull ups and chin ups are harder for some individuals then others?


As this exercise uses your own body weight as a force of resistance, they are much tougher exercises for overweight and out-of-shape people. They‘re also much tougher for folks like myself, who’ve become SOFFs over the years. A “SOFF” by the way, is a “silly old fat f*ck,” BUT they’re NOT and CANNOT be too tough for young, fit people of either gender. Those old ideas of “strength differentials” MUST be discarded, because the job requirements DON’T change regardless of who’s doing them.

Regardless, there is absolutely NO rational, let alone overriding reason to look to make such standards more "female-friendly," any more than there is to make them more "SOFF-friendly." We're looking for warriors here, NOT just "anyone who can meet an absolute minimum criteria we arbitrarily set up." Let the best of the best compete head-to-head and take the highest order of performance.

Very recently, the Army Rangers graduated their first female recruits, Shaye Haver and Kristin Griest and this too requires that we all reconsider the entire male/female dynamic.

Whether there are, or are not any strength differentials between males and females, they must be disregarded, as they can no longer apply when the demands of these jobs remain physically demanding. It is extremely doubtful that anyone combat can hope to avoid direct hand-to-hand combat at some point...things break down.

All of this has to have huge societal impacts as well. It HAS to force us to reconsider the old “damsel in distress” model that once made things like physical assaults on women to be especially egregious. Once we accept the genders as physically equal, there’s no rational basis for that antiquated view. Today, we see female offenders engaged in some of the most violent crimes and subsequently fighting with police, so such views do seem indeed antiquated. In a particularly grisly recent crime, in which four members of a Youth Job Corps murdered another member with machetes, a female, Desiray Strickland’s post-crime actions were particularly egregious; “Strickland, of Miami Gardens, refused to cooperate with Miami-Dade detectives when detained on Wednesday. According to police, she shoved an investigator, head-butted his chest and flailed about before she was shackled in an interview room.

“She also used screws from an electrical outlet to try and pick her handcuffs, then scrawled “MPD Go to Hell” on a table, the report said. Strickland also was charged with resisting an officer with violence, battery on an officer and criminal mischief.”

So, it seems that society and culture are very much lagging behind the actual gender evolution we’re witnessing in this realm.

ALL of this argues AGAINST treating female offenders more leniently than males, which has been a long held tradition in Western jurisprudence. It also argues forcefully against any form of alimony or maintenance in divorce proceedings. After all, men and women both work and in many professions today women predominate, so there’s no reason to continue treating men as “the primary bread winners,” and women as “hapless victims.” Child support for whichever parent winds up the custodial parent should very much remain in effect, but NOT alimony, palimony or maintenance.

BUT even bigger changes seem mandated by gender equality. Once we accept that there are no recognized differences between males and females, then the gender segregation of sports must be eliminated. Gender equality demands that such segregation be eliminated, regardless of results. WHY have separate UConn Men’s and Women’s basketball teams? Gender equality demands that we treat men and women the same, so UConn should field a single basketball team. If one year five women make the UConn squad and in another season no women make the team, well we shouldn’t be counting by gender or race (we DON’T count the number of blacks and whites on such we?), so that really shouldn’t be an issue.

We should also eliminate all other segregated sporting events, women’s boxing, swimming, tennis, MMA, etc. should all be eliminated in favor of desegregated sporting events that treat male and female athletes as true equals.

I’ve always believed that so long as we hold everyone to the highest standards and take the best performers in rank order, then we’re “treating everyone as equals,” and barring discrimination against anyone. ONLY when we handicap a dominant group to “level the playing field for others,” Or bar disfavored groups from even competing that we actively engage in overt discrimination, or “disparate treatment.”

The fact that we’re now treating female sexual predators and other criminals much more seriously and that we’re looking to send female troops into combat demands true and complete gender equality across the board. We can certainly no longer adhere to policies and standards that stemmed from the antiquated view of women as “the weaker sex.”

In the not too distant past, men who physically assaulted women often derided as “Men who seem to view women as guys who just occasionally dress differently.” Other men looked down on such men, primarily because they saw women as “needing special protections,” as “damsels in distress”...NOT equals.

So, who knew, but that those men who DID treat women as brutally as they’d treat another guy were actually just ahead of their time?

Another aspect that will have to be focused on in the military is getting men past the impulse to protect female colleagues. Israel abandoned its experiment with females in combat because their enemies took to targeting female soldiers, knowing that instead of taking cover, the way they were trained to respond when one of the group was hit, a number of male soldiers would run to look to help a fallen female colleague, offering the sniper several other open targets.

It’s NOT female soldiers that are the problem in such scenarios but male attitudes. Those attitudes must be changed. Male soldiers will HAVE TO BE trained to view female soldiers as asexual (without gender) and to treat women in combat the very SAME way they’d treat another male – he’s down, probably dead, let’s take cover and prepare to fight.

In the end, it really DOES just come down to looking at things a little differently. It’s just that some people adjust to such new ways of thinking quicker than others. That DOES NOT make those faster (less considered, less thoughtful) adapters “better,” just folks who follow societal changes mindlessly and often without much deliberation. Neither is “better,” or “worse.”

Something that MUST NOT be compromised are the standards. In competing for sports teams, emergency service jobs, and the most elite military combat positions, the “basic standards” don’t count. Those positions have too many applicants to allow in anyone who meets the basic standards, given “an under-representation of that group.” Those positions can only fairly be filled by allowing all applicants to compete against each other on a set of standards that no individual can fully meet and take on the very highest performers in rank order, regardless of result.

THAT is treating everyone as true equals. Only THAT eliminates ANY & ALL kinds of deliberate discrimination.

A "PRO-Business, PRO-Wealth, PRO-Cop Democratic Mayor of NYC? Sounds Too Good to be True...I'll BELIEVE It When I SEE It...


From the Front Page Story in Today's NY Post (8/19/2015):

"One of the nation’s wealthiest black business leaders is considering mounting a self-financed campaign to topple Mayor Bill de Blasio in 2017 — saying he has lost faith in the candidate he once supported.

“I’m giving serious thought to running for mayor of New York City . . . I was a political supporter of Bill de Blasio,” real estate mogul Don Peebles told The Post on Tuesday...

"...“I’ve lost confidence in him. It would be irresponsible of me to do nothing,” said Peebles, 55, who owns the largest African-American-run real estate company in the United States.

“He’s anti-business, he’s anti-wealth, he’s anti-accomplishment. His performance has not been up to par. He’s failed.” (


I mean, you've supported the current Mayor and apparently knew him, at least since his days in the City Council, or at the very least, since his Public Advocate days...and you didn't get the impression back then that Bill de Blasio was "ANTI-business, ANTI-wealth and ANTI-cop"?

I don't know, I just find that a bit hard to believe. It's not exactly as though he hid those views.

In related news, it's also been reported that former NBA Commissioner David Stern has been approached about a possible Mayoral run for 2017 by a number of prominent Democrats ( Mr Stern was a fine NBA Commissioner, but you'd have to hear his political views before you could get excited at such a prospect.

After reading Don Peebles quotes, I think I'd prefer him over Stern, or just about anyone else right now. A PRO-Business, PRO-Cop, PRO-Prosperity Mayor...and a Democrat?

Sounds too good to be true.

At any rate, we've got a long ride until 2017....a LOT can happen, both good and bad between now and then...

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Rejection of the Past's Lessons by Leftist Progressives Sows the Seeds of Their Own Undoing

Image result for chaos in Baltimore
The Chaos of "F*ck the Police" in Baltimore

Nothing unravels faster or more completely than those failures born out of the best of intentions. Say what you will about Barack Obama, for instance, there is little doubt that his views, virtually ALL of his views, are born of good intentions. His primary concern, shared by many, is in lifting the most alienated and disaffected in America out of poverty and degradation.

Those who see him as a “closet Muslim,” or some “secret America-hater,” are, at best, different than those on the far-Left who saw the hapless G W Bush as some kind of Anti-Christ. In the end, ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) is not appreciably different than BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome).

Here’s the rub, I AGREE, for the most part, with all those “good intentions” that the likes of Barack Obama, Bill de Blasio and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Baltimore’s Mayor) all profess, BUT I know too much about Expanding Variability and human nature to agree with their na├»ve and simplistic methods.

Expanding Variability posits that the more data/information we gather, the more variables we uncover and encounter, therefore, the more complex a problem becomes NOT the reverse. It’s Expanding Variability that brought down the John V. Lindsay administration in New York City and ultimately bankrupted New York City by the mid-1970s, by relying on the Rand Corporation’s policy reports that DID NOT take Expanding Variability into account (see Joe Flood’s great work The Fires That bankrupting of NYC was a feat that resulted in a 35 year exodus of Leftist progressives from this city’s highest political leadership. Ed Koch first took the city on a decidedly anti-Leftist bent, followed by a brief and disastrous one term Dinkins administration that brought on 8 years of “Rudy,” followed by another 12 years of a Nanny State autocrat, but decidedly UN-Leftist Mike Bloomberg.

At this point, one COULD blame progressives for failing to learn from the past, BUT I think that misses the point, they CAN’T learn from the past, because they reject the lessons of the past.

The lessons of the past are crystal clear, among them are things like; (1) People divorced from work (productive effort) eventually self-destruct, (2) There is no way to “treat” or rehabilitate violent offenders, ONLY the most draconian punishments have any deterrent impact and that deterrent effect is indeed a small one, but at least it deters that specific offender...(3) It’s also clear that the command (government-run) economy doesn’t cannot work.

There exists a 97 page mathematical proof of that, but I won’t even link to it, as it is a total of 97 laborious pages of mostly differential equations, with a few annotations defining the variables involved and a one page synopsis, which is meaningless for those who don’t/can’t/won’t follow the pages and pages of tedious equations. Suffice to say, the proof is there, it has never been effectively challenged, most likely because it CAN’T be effectively challenged, which makes it ALSO a proof that the market-based economy, coupled with private property is the best known producer of widespread prosperity.

Moreover, ONLY the free market encourages, even forces (via the desire for their individual betterment) disparate, even rival, even warlike factions to work together in mutual trade and cooperation to bring about their own individual success. In that way, true Capitalism is the only true revolutionary economic path, reviled as it’s been by monarchs, tyrants (and would-be tyrants), as well as potentates the world over.

BUT Leftist progressives don’t merely misunderstand these lessons, they reject them outright.

As a result, the seeds of Leftist progressive failure lie within the body of its “progressive” policies. Whether it’s gutting standards for College admissions, mortgage qualifications, sympathizing with violent offenders as “righteous victims of a cold-hearted society, fighting back”), or whether it’s increasing the tax burden on productive citizens to pay for profligate expenditures for the non-productive, these policies ALWAYS and reliably end in disasters.

Nowhere is the Leftist progressive vision more warped than in the sphere of criminal justice. They don’t get it. (1) They aren’t particularly concerned about the effects of violent crime, because they’re insulated from it, (2) they view calls for “law and order” as bigotry, because they view violent crime as a “black thing,” and (3) they see punishment, ALL punishments as “cruel and unusual,” often because so many of these folks have come from abusive and dysfunctional childhoods.

That’s why they deliberately ignore things like this (, predominantly black residents of Memphis TN putting out blue balloons in solidarity with POLICE after a Memphis cop was recently shot in that city. An African-American call for “law and order” runs counter to everything Leftist progressives believe in.

This is not only troubling, but it is one of the primary reasons that leftist/progressive policies always doom those administrations (which is NOT really all that important) AND the good intentions they’ve championed (which very much IS very important). The seeds of fascism best take root in Leftist over-tolerance, the seeds of Leftism are always rooted in fascist abuse.

Right now, Baltimore’s residents are in upheaval over an unprecedented spike in violent crime as police their have retrenched and retreated from most high crime areas. When you fundamentally DON’T much like policing (which is often brutally violent work, ESPECIALLY when encountering brutally violent thugs), you’re in no position to seek to make the police do actual “police work,” especially when they’re well aware that merely doing that work may get them fired and even indicted for “crimes” (mostly the “crime” of self-defense) against violent offenders.

THAT’S now a problem for Mayor Rawlings-Blake, a problem that SHOULD unseat her. IF it results in her being unseated by yet another Leftist progressive, that’ll only show that the people of Baltimore haven’t learned the required lessons YET.

We’ll see soon enough.

The “Breathing Cycle” of ALL Things

Entropy (aging is entropy) & reconstitution (reformation of simple substances into more complex ones) form a cycle. organisms and organizations constantly break down through aging (entropy) and cells and other small fragments constantly reorganize into more complex structures, organisms and organizations. THAT is "the breathing" of ALL things, including, but not limited to life. In effect, it is the “breathing cycle” of nature itself.

I've always suspected that cancer the excessive, or out-of-control growth of various cells and the incomplete replication of such cells is somehow directly related to the aging process, but I’m not at all sure how, so I may very well be wrong on that. Wouldn’t be a first, that’s for sure.

Personally, whether you are dedicated to breakdown/chaos of "the existing order", or to organization/"law & order" (preservation of the status quo) you are constantly "swimming against the tide," because exhalation (disorder/chaos) is ALWAYS followed by inhalation (order and structure) and exhalation (order and structure) is always followed by disorder and breakdown. ALL of life...ALL of nature BREATHES.

This is a part of the duality of nature (of which mankind is a part), the ying/yang, the dark/light, the day/night, growth/decay, organization/chaos that defines the basic structure...the "breathing process" of the entire world...of all of nature itself.

What we see as constant struggle, constant turmoil, incessant change, is really the natural effects of this “breathing cycle.” The assembling/reconstitution (law and order) inhalation is followed by disorder, chaos, aging and infirmity as naturally as the day follows the night. That’s why the most astute political observers often remark, “The pendulum swings both ways.” It DOES! Periods of age/breakdown and chaos reliably follow periods of growth, assembly and traditionalism in both organisms and organizations. Even civilizations, nations and empires are born, grow, age, break down and expire just as individual organisms do, albeit on a different time scale.

In that way, no matter what side of things one is on, we are all ultimately “tilting at windmills.”

The BLM Farce

Image result for fighting with police

Here's the problem I see with today’s “Black Lives Matter” anti-police agenda...ANYTHING less than complete and docile compliance with a Police Officer's directions during a stop constitutes "actively resisting arrest."

That has been taken far too lightly by the judicial system up to now. Given the present climate, the discretion of prosecutors to drop such charges must be eliminated and that charge must be elevated to a felony.

In the wake of the TWO autopsies and the DOJ’s investigation, there's virtually no remaining doubt that Mike Brown attacked Police Officer, Darren Wilson. ALL Officer Wilson did that day was fight for his life against a violent offender.

It appears that Christian Taylor (the football player shot in an Arlington, TX car dealership did the same. It turns out that, "In December, he took to Twitter to condemn racist policing. And a few weeks before he died, friends and family said, a religious awakening left him talking obsessively about social justice and his desire to be a black leader.

“He said MLK, he was a peaceful-type dude, but Malcolm X, he was getting the business done,” said his friend J’von Varra, 20, recalling a recent conversation with Taylor at a local park. “He said he felt like sometimes you have to be destructive to get what you want."...

“He said that on his break, God came to him and he cried and cried. It really changed his life,” said Smith, who had lived across the street from Taylor since the seventh grade and was his teammate on the Mansfield Summit High School football team.

“He said God came to him not only to get himself right, but to get us all on board. He wanted to save everybody.”

"Friends said Taylor cared passionately about social justice issues, an interest apparent in his Twitter feed. “Every time I see a squad car I think about all the lives lost...I’ve never felt protected,” he wrote on Dec. 11, one of several such tweets around that time."

Sad to say, but it seems that Christian Taylor became radicalized by a false BLM narrative. IF those stopped would simply comply with ALL police directives, there'd be far fewer such incidents AND more bad cops (they truly are few and far between) would be brought to justice.

This SHOULDN'T BE a black/white issue, because it ISN’T an ethnic issue, it's a scumbag/producer issue.

Yesterday (Friday, August 14th, 2015) on Staten Island, a career thug opened fire on U.S. Marshalls serving a warrant, then shot an FDNY Lieutenant as that fire crew responded to a house fire at that location.

The authorities negotiated with this goon for hours, even brought his Mom up from another state, before they finally took him out with a sniper. His addled mother's response? "They brought me up here to witness my son's execution."

NO! All that's on her. She was brought there to talk that shitbird into surrendering SHE failed. SHE'S the reason (HER FAILURE) is the reason he wound up getting put down.

This isn't England where people are free to negotiate, even argue with police. "Docile compliance" with ALL police orders is mandated by law in the U.S.. The courts exist to adjudicate wrongful arrest and brutality complaints.

I have ZERO sympathy with those who mistakenly believe they have a right to question, challenge or confront police.

Cops are NOT social workers. They merely exist to bring suspected lawbreakers into the system. The courts avail us of the ability to question, challenge, confront...and where appropriate to sue over improper state/police practices.

Nothing tells the story like a “progressive success!” Since the Freddie Gray incident arrests are down by almost 50% and violent crime is on a record pace. With 45 Homicides in July became Baltimore’s deadliest month since 1972! ( Baltimore residents live in fear of perpetual violence. The anti-police agenda won and the thugs have taken that city. The other residents live in abject terror.

Moreover, the decent residents of such areas DO NOT hate, or fear the police.

Predominantly black Memphis residents post blue balloons in solidarity with police after cop is shot there

According to Kevin Jackson of Black Sphere; “Citizen journalism is what will keep America strong, and fight the scourge of the Left.

“The Left are scandalous, as they set their fake narratives, force-feeding Americans their nonsense.

“When the police officer Sean Bolton was ambushed and shot in Memphis, TN recently, this black neighborhood put blue balloons up as a tribute to the fallen officer.

“Why didn’t the lamestream media report this? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

“Black people don’t all hate the police. They know that the police are necessary, and in fact, many of our family members and friends are police officers.

“But with Liberals, they want blacks to NOT respect the police.

“Snitches get stitches.”

“The disservice done to blacks by the media is scandalous. Many blacks live in the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country, and if there is anybody who should cooperate with police, it’s blacks. Most blacks know this, but are afraid to speak out.

“Kudos to the people who honored the life of a good man and police officer.” ( and ( WHY did the national media fail to cover this?

Obviously because it undermines the fallacy that the BLM movement speaks for the majority of the black community.
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